Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A major endorsement for Thig

When Tyler Thigpen was thrown to the wolves in Atlanta for his first career NFL start, I thought the worst. Quarterbacks from Coastal Carolina don't usually get a big window to prove their worth in the National Football League. Three picks and a trip back to the bench was not the cinderella story that CCU fans were hoping for.
But the second chance, changed everything. When Thig went toe to toe with Brett Favre, he proved that he could play with the big boys. What's happened since then is nothing short of remarkable. Yes, Thig is 1-7 as a starter, but he has taken a nightmare situation in Kansas City and has made them somewhat competitive. The Chiefs are an absolute nightmare right now - poor defense, an offensive line that put two quarterbacks on the shelf for a year, and a Pro Bowl running back who has made more headlines off the field than on it.
The Chiefs have three games to go and it will prove to be the ulimate audition on whether Thigpen is named the starter for 2009. The Chiefs will likely have a top 5 pick and have a chance to get one of the top 2 quarterbacks on the board. Thigpen has proven that he belongs in the NFL - if the Chiefs can't figure that out, I'm sure someone else will. Remember, Brett Favre was an Atlanta Falcon before he was a Packer legend and the Saints didn't give Jake Delhomme the starter's endorsement and the Panthers are still thanking them for that.
You can put his numbers up over the last seven weeks against almost any quarterback in the league. But, forget about bloggers and sportscasters analyzing the numbers and being an armchair quarterback - listen to a Hall of Famer (click on link below).

Gonzalez: A disgrace if Thigpen isn't QB in 2009