Friday, January 11, 2008

The Hoop Zone

I've gotten a number of emails asking about the Hoop Zone and I felt that it was only right for me to explain what we're doing this season for high school basketball.
This was a very difficult decision that I made and spent a lot of time thinking it through. In short, our 30 minute Friday format is no longer on the air, but we will continue to provide extensive coverage of high school basketball. We will also continue our tradition of honoring the top players in our area with the annual Hoop Zone banquet and the presentation of Mister and Miss Hoop Zone.
It used to be that the three members of the sports department could cover 10 high school basketball games on a Friday night and we could get a couple of extra games from our colleagues. Since last year, our sports staff is now at two and we have added a 7pm newscast which is a very important part of what we're doing as a station and something that I'm proud to be associated with.
When you add it all up starting with the holiday basketball tournaments and wrapping it up with the state championships, we'll shoot anywhere between 125 and 150high school games. We're going to devote nearly our entire sports time on Tuesday's and Friday's to high school basketball as well as increase what we do at in terms of posting scores and top performers.
The Hoop Zone is alive and well. I appreciate the folks that have written in and asked about the show and hope they understand that we're just going about it in a different way. Feel free to email us and let us know how your team is doing. We will spend much more time on days other than Friday's concentrating on high school hoops than we have in the past. Thanks again to all our great local sports fans and rest assured that we'll continue to work hard to cover as many communities and stories as we can.