Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Duke/UNC Update

It appears that we have a happy ending in regards to the Duke/UNC fiasco. Raycom Sports was made aware of the snafu we encountered with CW and has lifted the blackout on the ESPN telecast in the entire Florence/Myrtle Beach market. This means that regardless of your cable provider, you can see the Duke/North Carolina game on ESPN LIVE at 9pm. The Raycom feed will still air live on HTC Cable Channel 6 and off of digital antenna on CW 21.2

There are many times that programming issues do not have a solution or a happy ending. A special thanks to HTC for jumping on board with us right away and helping us come up with a solution to the problem. Our management did a fantastic job of working on a solution immediately and as a result, a very small portion of our audience will miss the game live instead of the lion's share of our viewers.

A recap of the schedule for Wednesday's Duke/UNC game

LIVE on ESPN at 9pm for all cable viewers in the Florence/Myrtle Beach market (blackout lifted!) - good call by Raycom/ACC

LIVE on HTC Cable Channel 6 at 9pm for Raycom/ACC feed

LIVE on CW 21.2 (off air digital antenna) for Raycom/ACC feed

one hour tape delay on CW 21 (10pm) for Raycom/ACC feed


Gary said...

Rich...your update needs updating!!Sad day for local TV.

John said...

Yes, what a fiasco. I don't know what happened, but i'm assuming everyone else in this area missed almost the entire first half. I even got an email from Billy Huggins (after complaining about the initial report) saying that ESPN was lifting the blackout. I do appreciate WPDE stepping up and pre-empting their primetime 90210 to show us the game (or what was left of it) live. I guess half a game live is better than a whole game an hour late. But it was definitely WORSE than a live HD broadcast on ESPN as was said. I'm semi-interested in what actually happened. But mostly i'm just glad that Carolina won!