Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WPDE Fantasy Football

In case you wondered if the love for the pigskin extends outside of the sports office, you need to look no further than the WPDE Fantasy Football League. Besides making our weekly Palmetto Picks along with you on, we have a 12 team league that's going five years strong.

I have always said we should televise our fantasy football draft, as it is 90 minutes of hilarious entertainment (we may need to put a few beeps in there to keep it off cable!) The highlight for me is having Ed Piotrowski hurry people along with his picks and then watch time stand still as he pours over sheets and takes his time to make a decision. It wouldn't be a WPDE fantasy football draft if that didn't happen!

Rather than bore you with who got who, I wanted to share with everyone some fantastic team names in our league: My squad is called Technical Difficulty, but it can't hold a candle to these teams.

The Heyyyymakers: Allyson Floyd - Allyson's catchphrase is a southern belle "Heyyyy". Great name

The Franchise: Ed Piotrowski - the defending champ and the nickname I coined for the glue of WPDE 10 years ago. It's been 10 years, but Ed still isn't comfortable with the lofty title.

The Rubes: Graeme Moore - another nickname I gave to our young and ambitious reporter. He had the #1 overall pick in our draft (getting the number from a crumpled piece of paper in a Green Sea-Floyds football helmet). He went against the grain and picked Tom Brady and probably got the most ribbing for his interesting picks.

and the team name of the year goes to WPDE weekend anchor Mola Lenghi:
Back to you Myra......

Last month, Ed and I had the chance to play in the Know Your Score celebrity golf tournament at Long Bay to help raise money for Prostate cancer. Among the celebrities on hand were Craig T. Nelson, the great actor from Coach, Blades of Glory and many other films and TV shows. Realizing he was in the presence of a local superstar in Ed Piotrowski, Nelson hammed it up to our cameras and hammed it up with Ed joking about the weather and then totally ad-libbing and tossing back to the studio with the now infamous "Back to you Myra!"

Mola was on the desk when this happened and even though he was totally making it up, who knew how close Myra was to Mola. So no matter what happens, Mola has wrapped up the title for best Fantasy Football team name in 2009. Who would have known that Craig T. Nelson would have such an impact on our fantasy football league???!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Angry College Football Fans: It's not our fault!!!!!

It seems as if I write this blog every college football season, but it needs to be mentioned as often as possible.

Like many of you, I'd love to be watching the Georgia/Oklahoma State game right now, but unfortunately, ABC has us showing the Baylor/Wake Forest game. WPDE knows the passion of college football fans in our area and that's why our management has secured the SEC regional package (the 12:30 pm Saturday games that air on CW 21) as well as additional college games whenever we can carry them (two CCU games will air on CW 21 as well).

Our general manager, Billy Huggins, was well aware that fans here would much rather see Georgia/Oklahoma State than Baylor/Wake Forest. For the past 10 years I've been working at WPDE, the 3:30 ABC game has always been the ACC game in the regional lineup. It doesn't matter if #1 is playing #2 in the nation, if there is a 3:30 game, we will have the ACC game - mark it down - it will be that way the rest of the season to the best of my knowledge.

Our GM requested to air the Georgia/Oklahoma State game and offered to put both games on (Baylor/Wake on WPDE, Georgia/Oklahoma State on CW21). ABC turned that request down.

I don't know what else we can do as a station. If we had the ability to choose the 3:30 or 8:00 pm Saturday games on ABC, I'd put a poll on our website every Monday and announce which game got the most votes on Wednesday and tell the network which game we want. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

A lot of times when you call and complain to the station on the weekend, there are not a lot of people working and fans get more frustrated by not getting a straight answer. This is the straight answer. It doesn't make it any better and it will not fix the problem. It probably is of little consolation, but WPDE does care about its college football fans and we do the best we can to communicate our programming before the game to let people have a chance to find a way to watch the game.

If anyone wants the number to ABC to complain, I'll get it in the office and Monday and be more than happy to pass it along on this blog post.