Monday, February 14, 2011

Rich's Blog: The Trick Shot QB and is he really plugging soccer and the View?

In the world of the internet, things can go viral in a hurry. Last week, I stumbled upon this video and meant to share it with everyone. Next thing I know, there's over 4,000,000 YouTube hits. So if you've seen it already, I'm sorry I'm not on the cutting edge, but for those of you who haven't it's a fun watch.

Johnny McEntee is a third string quarterback at UConn. He may not be in the starting lineup, but his trick shots are incredible. Sure, he probably needed a few takes, and what he's doing in shorts in an empty fieldhouse doesn't translate to success on Saturday's, but I'm a fan.

I'm a lukewarm soccer fan. I get excited during the World Cup and I always root hard for the US, yet I'm not rushing to get MLS season tickets or watching the table in the English Premier League. However, I did get to see Manchester United's Wayne Rooney and his goal last weekend and it was off the charts! YouTube doesn't have the rights, but this British newspaper has the video below:

Wayne Rooney's Bicycle Kick Goal

Like most males, I have not seen the View (weekdays at 11am right here on WPDE) for more than three minutes. However, I did get to see this story which was heartwarming and inspirational. A 13 year old boy from the Philadelphia area was the victim of senseless bullying. When you read the story, it breaks your heart. But the fact that he was able to go public with his story gave him the chance to meet his sports hero, Eagles WR DeSean Jackson.'s Rick Reilly tells the story.

Reilly: Eagles over the Wolves in a rout

I always remembered DeSean Jackson as a showboater who excessively celebrates. This was better than any touchdown he'll score.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl, Felton's All-Star miss and the CCU ranking debate

When I first saw the headline "400 fans lose seats at Super Bowl", I thought about the PR nightmare the NFL would be dealing with and after reading this article on, I think the NFL did an admirable job of making the best of a bad situation.

Displaced fans get Super Bowl tix for next year

My take is this: the fans got into the stadium, they got $2400, they got to go on the field for post-game which had to be a thrill and they get to go to next year's Super Bowl in Indianapolis. I remember when I covered Super Bowl 38 in Houston, there was a mixup with our press passes and we were shut out of the media area during the game. I wound up having to watch the game in the satellite truck area and hit the field for postgame. The post-game scene on the field was a thrill and worth freezing in the Reliant Stadium parking lot.

Raymond Felton did not make the NBA All-Star game later this month in February. While the homer in me was hoping that Raymond got the honor, there's no one on the East roster that doesn't deserve to be on there. There's just 24 spots in the NBA All-Star game, the smallest roster by far among the major sports (it would make sense for the NBA to expand the rosters to 15 especially since the game itself is a glorified pick up game) It was a big boost for Felton to just be in the discussion and you never know - an injury could bring him to LA. Reading this article from the NY Post shows Raymond's personality.

Bloodied Felton defends Knicks' record after All-Star snub

When Raymond signed with the Knicks and I interviewed him here in Myrtle Beach, he said the Knicks were getting a warrior. Felton has been durable throughout his NBA career and playing with injuries is one of the reason that Felton is respected throughout the league.

Coastal Carolina's 20 game win streak continues to increase the Chants national profile. Coastal got 26 voter points in the latest AP Top 25 good for 28th in the latest AP Top 25 poll. There are 13 voters who put CCU in their top 25. Here's the story I did on that breaks down who has CCU on their radar.

Coastal basketball climbs the polls

It is important to remember that the AP and ESPN/USA Today coaches polls have absolutely no bearing on the NCAA Tournament committee when they choose the field for this year's Big Dance. Which means, hypothetically, if Coastal were to get into the top 25 and still lose in the Big South Tournament, their time in the Top 25 if there is any time would not help them get an at-large bid.

That being said, the symbolic value of Coastal reaching the top 25 would be priceless for this program. On Sunday's Cliff Ellis Show, the coach compared his program to TCU or Boise State in football. Is Coastal basketball like a Boise State football? That's up for debate, but the same argument for "the little guy" is being used about being ranked. Things like, "Coastal wouldn't be 22-2 in the SEC or ACC or Big East (absolutely true) and "they don't play anybody". The bottom line is this: people are talking Coastal basketball beyond the Conway city limits. I think that the Chants will crack the top 25 next Monday if they can get two more wins and a couple of those schools ranked 21-25 stumble.

I tip my cap to the Coastal student section that crowds Kimbel Arena and provides a great energy to the Chants at home. It will be this rabid group that could ultimately push CCU to the NCAA's by creating that special atmosphere in early March. It goes without saying that the Chants have outgrown Kimbel Arena and the new facility set to open next season is much needed.

I wanted to share with you my alma mater, Saint Bonaventure University and the Reilly Center, which has the reputation as one of the toughest places to play in college basketball. Below is a look at the Bonnies upset win over previous A-10 unbeaten Duquesne on Saturday night.

Saint Bonaventure has an enrollment of just 2,500 students. Coastal is nearly four times that size. Here's hoping that the new CCU basketball home becomes a house of horrors.